Monday, October 27, 2008

The Confederate Bomb Brothers

History of Augusta

Who were the “bomb brothers”?

How was the Greyhound destroyed?

What were Confederate "torpedoes”?

What was a "sub-terra explosive shell”?

What did General Edward Bates call "devilish devices"?

What may have been the South’s most effective defensive weapon?

Name two interesting facts from this site.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Primary Research Sheet 1

The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl
1. Pg. 2: Introduction. How does Ms. Andrews describe the slave owners in the South? About how many slave owners were there? On what document does she base her figures?

2. Pg. 97: A Belle of the Confederacy. List three things you notice about the lady in the painting.

What was the profession of Ms. Andrews' father? How did Georgians react to news of secession? Was Mr. Andrews a slave owner?

What did Ms. Andrews father believe was the "greatest of all the evils brought upon us by the war"?

5. Pgs. 348-349: Describe what might be seen at a "dancing party". Who did Ms. Andrews try to avoid meeting?

Primary Research Sheet 2

Mutual Relation of Masters and Slaves as Taught in the Bible

1. What type of document is this?

2. Who created it, and when was it created?

3. (Correspondence.) Why does Wilson say he is allowing this to be published?

4. (Discourse.) What does Wilson say is the true meaning of “servants” ()?

5. What does Wilson justify on pages eight and nine?

6-10. Briefly summarize the final paragraph on pages twenty and twenty-one, beginning with “But, notwithstanding”. Comment on either Wilson’s writing or his character.

Primary Research Sheet 3

Primary Research III, History of the First African Baptist Church

Who wrote this document?

(Introduction) What did McNeal say was the goal of the white press?

(Introduction) What did Walker say was the historical significance of the First African Baptist Church in Savannah?

(Preface) What is the argument discussed in the preface?

(Page 1) Where and when was the First African Baptist Church organized?

6. (Page 8) What happened in 1832?