Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alternate End-of-year Project

U.S. History Shirley Alternate End-of-Year Project

Task: create a storyboard, book, or PowerPoint with illustrations for GA Social Studies Standards 10-25. All of these standards can be found online.

Due 19 May.

For each standard, show *at least* one illustration. This can be a picture or painting you have found, or a drawing. If creating a poster, book, or storyboard, label each illustration with a number or letter. On a separate sheet of paper, identify in your own words what each illustration depicts, and give a one or two-sentence explanation of why it is appropriate for each standard.


“Illustration C shows African-American students entering (name of school) in Mongomery, Alabama, for the first time after integration was ordered. This was a result of the Brown v Board of Education decision, which is covered in GA Standard 22.”

Your sources must be listed on another sheet of paper or at the end of your document. Each must be labeled with a number or letter showing which illustration it is linked with. For each source, you need:

C: Author (Last and first name). Name of publication (book, magazine, website). Date of publication. Location (physical location of publisher, if a book. URL of website, if a web address).

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