Tuesday, February 3, 2009

GA Standard 13, Worksheet 1

US History
GA Standard 13 begin pg 518 in America: Pathways to the Present

Write your answers on an attached sheet of paper

1. Who was Jay Gould, and why was he important?

2. What did the term “Gilded Age” suggest about U.S. politics of the time?

3. What is a laissez-faire strategy?

4. Who pays a subsidy?

5. How did Credit Mobilier hurt future President U.S. Grant?

6-7. Describe who Democrats and Republicans appealed to during this time.

8. What was “waving the bloody shirt”?

9. What is the civil service?

10. What did Charles Guiteau do?

11. What did the Pendleton Civil Service Act do?

12. What was the purpose of railroad rebates?

13. What was ruled in Munn vs. Illinois?

14. What did Jacob S. Coxley do in 1894?

15-19. Briefly describe Peter Mossini’s life.

20. What was the purpose of the quarantine?

21. Why were restrictive covenants unfair?

22. What did Japan and the U.S. decide with the Gentleman’s Agreement?

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