Monday, February 9, 2009

Imperialism and America/ The Spanish-American War

Write your answers on an attached sheet of paper.

America Claims an Empire

“Imperialism and America” page 584

1. Define the word “Imperialism”
2. Which European nations practiced imperialism in the continent of Africa?
3. What nation was imperialistic in Asia at the same time?
4. What three factors were responsible for American imperialism?
5. Who wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History?
6. What did he argue for in his book?
7. In 1890, where did the U.S. navy rank in the world’s navies?
8. Who was Lilioukalani and what did she do in 1891 to worry American businessmen?
9. Who was John L Stevens?
10. Who was Sanford B. Dole?
11. When did Hawaii become a territory of the United States? Who was the president?

“The Spanish-American-Cuban War” page 589

1. Who was the leader of the 1895 Cuban revolt against Spain?
2. Who did the American newspapers call “The Butcher” Why?
3. Who were the two newspaper tycoons who use the Cuban revolt to sell papers?
4. Define “Yellow Journalism”
5. What happened on February 15, 1898 that moved the United States toward war with Spain?
6. When did the United States declare war on Spain?
7. Who was the American president when war against Spain was declared?
8. Who was George Dewey? What did he accomplish on May 1, 1898?
9. Who were the “Rough Riders”? Who were their commanders?
10. Name the two African-American units that participated in the Spanish-American War.
11. What battle made Theodore Roosevelt a hero?
12. What treaty ended the Spanish-American War? List the three provisions of the treaty.
13. How many Americans died in the Spanish-American War?
14. What happened on February 6, 1899?

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