Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ga Standard 15 Quiz

GA Standard 15 Quiz and Study Guide

SSUSH15 The student will analyze the origins and impact of U.S. involvement in World War I.
a. The United States was a __________ nation at the beginning of World War I, which began with the assassination of Archduke _____________ in ___________. The main reason the U.S. became involved was unrestricted ____________ warfare by the _________. This first became a major issue with the sinking of the ______________, with her loss of 128 Americans.
b. Some of the changes in the U.S. because of World War I included the __________ ___________ Act, which passed in May of __________ and authorized a draft. The ________ Industries __________ oversaw war-related production, and the Lever _________ and __________ Control Act gave the president the power to control food and fuel for the war effort. The __________ Act of 1917 made interference with the draft illegal, and the _________ Act of 1918 made criticizing the U.S. way of life against the law. Socialist _________ __________ was given a 10-yr jail sentence for criticizing the government and urging Americans to “resist militarism”.
c. President Woodrow ___________’s plan for world peace was called the __________ Points. He wanted an end to __________ treaties, and planned a group called the __________ of ____________, which he hoped would help ensure world peace.
d. The ___________ Amendment, established ___________ and the _________ Amendment, established ___________ suffrage in ___________.

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