Thursday, March 19, 2009

GA Standard 16 Quiz

US History Study Guide and Quiz
SSUSH16 The student will identify key developments in the aftermath of WW I.
a. The _____________ _____________, led by Vladimir Lenin in __________ was one event that helped lead to the “__________ ___________”. Attorney General _________ was discredited after a communist plot on the U.S. failed to happen. One of the ways the U.S. attempted to protect itself from communism was ___________ on immigrants.
b. __________ ____________ developed the Model T, and his factory methods greatly advanced _____________ ______________ in factories.
c. ____________ with sound were first shown in the 1920s.
d. Louis Armstrong was a __________ player who helped make _______ music popular.

Russian Revolution Red Scare 1917 trumpet mass production jazz restrictions
Henry Ford Palmer movies

Bonus: What president, after a series of scandals including ____________ Dome, died suddenly as he returned from a trip to Alaska?

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