Monday, January 26, 2009

GA US History Standard 11 Worksheet

Standard 11
Pgs 452-472 of America: Pathways to the Present

Answer on paper and attach to worksheet.

1. On what important device did Samuel Morse work?

2. How long would mail in 1860 take to move from the East Coast to the West?

3. What is a patent?

4. What did Edwin Drake do in 1858?

5. What gave Thomas Edison funds to leave his job and work as an inventor?

6. What did Edison do in 1882?

7. In what year was a telephone installed in the White House?

8. How did the United States government support the building of the transcontinental railroad?

9. How did the railroads change how Americans used clocks and time?

10-14. Name at least four ways railroads changed U.S. business and industry.

15. What did the Bessemer process do?

16. When was the Brooklyn Bridge opened?

17. What did the term “robber baron” imply?

18. What company did John D. Rockefeller form in 1870?

19. How were U.S. businesses in the late 1800s different from early U.S. businesses? Name at least four ways.

20. What is a monopoly?

21-25. In what ways did Standard Oil attempt to dominate the market and circumvent anti-monopoly laws?

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