Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Standard 11 & 12 Quiz

US History
Standard 11 & 12 Quiz/Study Guide

Samuel Morse is associated with the ____________. ____________ allowed quick and economical transportation across the United States, and allowed coal and iron to be efficiently moved for the __________ industry. ___ (#) continental time zones were standardized because of the need for railroads to have consistent schedules. _________ and _________-___________ were two groups used for labor by the Union Pacific railroad. The ___________ Pacific primarily used ___________ laborers. Of the three groups, the ___________ suffered the worst treatment.
_____________ __ _____________ was the owner of Standard Oil, and was an example of the “___________ ___________s” who were accused of making money through exploitation and unscrupulous practices. The ___________ ___________ Act was create because of attempts to get around the anti-monopoly laws. The electric light bulb, movie projector, and phonograph are all examples of inventions of ___________ ___________, American’s greatest inventor.
The American Federation of Labor (479) was a _______ ________ that used collective bargaining to improve wages and conditions for its members. _________ __________ was the leader during the only war won by Native Americans against the United States. Native Americans (491) in the Great Plains depended on the herds of _____________ for their food, shelter, and clothing. The introduction of __________ by the Spanish enabled a nomadic lifestyle for some tribes. An apparent misunderstanding while Sitting Bull’s followers were surrendering to cavalry (495) led to the ____________ at _____________ ____________. This was the last major episode of violence in the Indian wars.

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